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      Welcome to China Weifang Mingzhu Electronics Co., ltd.!

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      Weifang mingzhu Electronic CO.,Ltd is a new and high-tech enterprise that collects scientific research and development, engineering design and construction and so on. Our company is located in linqu, which has the reputation “China Appreciation Stone hometown”.

      Our company has three leading product series, which are magnetic separator devices, automatic measurement and control devices, and lightning-protection devices. For magnetic separator devices, our company has carried on the following products: permanent magnetic iron separator, electromagnetic iron separator, pipe-type iron separator, permanent magnetic roller, magnetic separator, metal detector, motor vibration feeder, electromagnetic vibration feeder, lifting electromagnet and so on. For automatic measurement and control devices, our company has introduced several products, such as industrial automatic batching system, distribute control system (DCS), electronic belt scale, and constant weight feeder and other series. These products are widely used in the industrials of metallurgy, electric power, mining, cement, chemical industry, building materials, tile, coal, papermaking, food, glass, and water conservancy. For lightning-protection devices, our company has developed series MZU SPD (surge protection device), series MZX signal lightning arresters, series MZK coaxial lightning arresters, and series Antenna signal lightning arresters.  These lightning-protection devices are widely used in the system of communication, electric power, finance, education, justice, sanitation, and water conservancy; they are also suited for enterprise and public institution.

      Our company focuses on new high-tech products development and research. We build up long-period and stable cooperation with the colleges and universities such as Shandong University; In order to master the latest technology, we employ professors and specialists to be technical adviser, who have great achievements in the fields of automation, machinery and lightning protection. Our company has advanced productive and test equipment, builds CAD and CAI network to information sharing, to meet the clients’ requirements. The specialized technology research center has a group of innovative, civilized and united, rigorous and high-effective outstanding expert engineers. Furthermore, our company has mature and modern management system, thorough post-sale service, strict examination procedure, and excellent technical equipment. We encourage culture and ideas of “people oriented, equal stress on integrity and ability, cooperation and innovation, pursuit of excellence and honesty”. Additionally, we build the management principle “strive for the basis of quality, reputation for development” based on abundant technology, scientific design scheme, perfect detective method, reasonable pricing, and thorough post-sale service. By acute insight, professional ethics, promoting technological advancement, and improving core competition, we will promote Mingzhu to be the global first-class enterprise.


      Weifang Mingzhu Electronic Co., Ltd dedicates to domestic and foreign business all work together towards to success.