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      Welcome to China Weifang Mingzhu Electronics Co., ltd.!

      Series MZ Electronic Belt Scale

       Series MZ Electronic Belt Scale measures the bulk material on the belt conveyer continuously.  It features with simple structure, accurate weighing, stable, convenient measurement, less maintenance etc. It is suitable for not only normal environment but also acid-base, saline, and corrosion environment.  It is widely used in the transportation processing measurement in the industry of construction materials, metallurgy, electric power, chemical, coal, mining, and port. The equipment composition has mechanical scale body, weighing sensor, digital pulse tacho-generator, weighing instrument and weights. There are several structures can be chosen, such as single-lever and carrier roller, double carrier roller, double-lever and carrier roller and four carrier roller and so on.


      1.      Normal belt conveyor

      2.      Angle of inclination: 0-17°

      3.      Belt bandwidth: 400-2200mm

      4.      Line speed:0-2m/s

      5.      Center distance between in and out throat: reach or above 3m

      6.      Measuring accuracy: ±0.125±1

      7.      Range of measurement: 0.12000t/h 

      Performance Features:

      1.      It applies sealed bearing; the force transmission is accurate and stable, and zero point recovers fast.

      2.      It apples solid weigh bridge, which is impact resistance and is suitable to operate in harsh environment

      3.      The scale body is non-deformable that makes the measurement is accuracy and stable

      4.      No moving parts, less maintenance

      5.      There are several output interfaces to meet various control requirements.