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      Welcome to China Weifang Mingzhu Electronics Co., ltd.!

      Feed Scale with regulating speed and constant feed rate


      Structural Features:

      Series TDG Feed Scale with regulating speed and constant feed rate is the scale based on German Schenck technology and combines with long-term practices and experiences to improve and optimize.  It applies to continuous dynamic measurement and quantifies feeding of particulate, massive, and powdery materials.]

      [Series TDG feed scale with regulating speed and constant feed rate ---overview] [Series TDG feed scale with regulating speed and constant feed rate applies dynamic form of measurement and frequency converting computer control. The belt has automatic take-up, steering deviation alarm, and field control switch; it has advantages of stable operation, high reliability, and high measuring accuracy. It can be also operated in the harsh environment. It is mainly employed in bulk material’s burdening and measuring in industry of construction materials, mining, chemical, and grain and so on. This is an ideal scale that can realize automatic control and stable quality.


       [Series TDG feed scale with regulating speed and constant feed rateStructural Features:

      1)        The scale frame is made of cold-bend C Type steel plate, which has advantages of novelty structure, strong intensity, is suitable for various kind of design of non-standard scale frame.

      2)        It has integrated direct-coupled gearing motor, which has advantages of low noise and vibration, anti-dust, long-period service life and high reliability etc. The gearing motor has counter-torque bracing plate and axis structure. It is directly connected with driving roller that has features with convenient installation, debugging and maintenance.

      3)        The scale has annular endless belt, and there are three structures can be chosen based on technological design: flat belt, baffle structure, and skirt belt structure.

      4)        The scale has design of weak-magnetic gear velocity measurement, it can work with tachometer circuit and shows speed of electrical machine; the speed signal is accurate and reliable.

      5)   The scale feeding unit has supporting board, which can control charging rate in order to scales demarcate and zero calibration.

      [Series TDG feed scale with regulating speed and constant feed rate ---Basic Technical Parameters:

      System accuracy: ≤±0.5%

      Range of speed regulation: 1:10

      Mode of speed adjustment: frequency control

      Manner of working: continuous

      Operating Environment: instrument -5050; scale body: 3050; Relative humidity: ≤90%

      Power supply: 220V -15%-10%50Hz (microcomputer part)

      Feeding range: 0.22000t/h

      Technological processing simulated diagram:

      Signal of velocity measurement: 40 pulse/rotate


      Product Photo


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