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      Welcome to China Weifang Mingzhu Electronics Co., ltd.!

      Screw scale with constant-current measurement

       Main characteristics:

      1.      Exclusively used in measurement and control of powdery material

      2.      Unique steady flow structure; loading materials has features with even subsidence, difficult to arch and flow materials.

      3.      Cyclical-pin wheel gear motor guarantees long-term stable running.

      4.      The varying-pitch structure and outlet overflow way works out the material flowing problem efficiently (output >60T/H apples double-barreled type)

      5.      It employs three high accuracy sensor to weigh directly, that successfully eliminates the error of lever scale

      6.      It apples gathering module that makes the effective resolution up to one million, capture speed up to 50 times per second, annually drifting distance less than 50PPM, temperature drifting distance less than 50PPM.

      7.      It applies hermetically-sealed structure to reduce dust.

      Technical Index:

      1.  Measuring accuracy: ≤±1%

      2.  Control precision: ≤±2%

      3.  Speed adjustable range: 101

      4.  Running manner: continuous

      Operating Principle:

      When the material is conveyed to measuring reamer feeding throat by speed governing reamer, the weighing device which is installed at the bottom of reamer will detect weight and generate voltage signal which is in direct proportion to weigh loading. The voltage signal will be sent to dynamic weighing instrument. At the meantime, the speed transmitter, which is installed at tail of speed governing reamer, input revolving speed signal of motor spindle. After these two signals is managed by dynamic weighing instrument, and instantaneous flow rate and accumulated weight value will be calculated.