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      Welcome to China Weifang Mingzhu Electronics Co., ltd.!

      Series KHS Weight Loss Scale

       Structural Features
          Series KHS Weight Loss Scale is a scale and feeding equipment which can measure continuously and statically. It is widely used in cement, glass, metallurgy, chemical, grain, fodder and other industries; for example, it can be used in material burdening in cement plant, clinker burdening, electronic industry burdening, chemical industry burdening, grain and oil burdening, and feed production burdening and so on. The equipment is the first choice burdening equipment for Building Material Bureau, the application effect is better than various bracket belt scale and speed governing belt scale. It has features with high accuracy, simple structure, high reliability, dust-proof, and low cost; also, it particular emphasis on static state. It is widely used in burdening scale in cement, glass, chemical industry.

      Operating Principle:

      Loading material electro-magnetic vibrating part and scale hopper is flexible connected, and they are gravitationally separated. Even though the laying-off material electro-magnetic vibrating part is flexible connected with scale hopper, they are supported by three tension sensor. Firstly, the loading part starts to feed the scale hopper, stop feeding when the weight achieves given upper limit value. After a period of time, the laying-off electro-magnetic vibrating part starts to upload material, stop uploading when the weight achieves given lower limit value. Then repeat the operation. The flow measurement of material is determined by losing weight of materials in the stock bin. Therefore, the equipment is called weight loss scale.


      The main engine of system control applies standard MCS-586(686) industrial control computer. It simultaneous controls the burdening measurement of two mill and 16 path scale. It also has several advantages: mixture calculation, automatically input ingredients, multi-page display, and automatic online alert; also, it combines with upper computer as DCS.

       Weight loss Scale Burdening systemsystem technological index and function:

      1.      System measurement accuracy ≤±0.5

      2.      Computer power supply: 220V+10%; 50Hz、500M A.

      3.      Point 1-16 material burdening measurement, the one way maximum output: 45T/h

      4.      Manually input material content and automatically calculate material matching.

      5.      Matched with upper computer feeding control, mill loading closed-loop control interface; it can realize automatically control between upper computer instruct and mill loading.

      6.      The system can add input interface of multi-element analysis automatic signal.

      7.      There is data protection battery inside the machine and it has automatic power down protection for clock and all data.

      8.      Matched with communication interface, which create network between the machine and central control supervisor. It also can equip with long-distance communication.

      Operating Conditions:

      1.        Environment temperature: —10—+40

      2.        Supply voltage: 220V±10

      3.      Supply frequency: 50Hz±4

      4.      Relative humidity: ≤85

      Product Photo