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      Welcome to China Weifang Mingzhu Electronics Co., ltd.!

      Signal Lightning-Protection Box

      Production Description

       Production Description:

      Series MZB (RJ45) Signal Lightning-Protection Box is designed on the basis of IEC, GB, and GA international, domestic and related industrial standard; and it has secondary-level lightning protection. It is used in Ethernet, token ring, and interchanger and other computer network system. It is used to prevent the equipment damage from thunder surge and network overvoltage.


      Product Features:

      -          Small loop section, effective protection of inductive drop

      -          Low residual voltage, fast response time

      -          Double protection of overvoltage and over-current

      Operating Conditions:

      -          Height above sea level: no higher than 2,000 meters

      -          Environmental temperature: -20-+40

      -          Relative humidity: 90%40±2

      -          Environmental condition: indoor and outdoor, no inflammable, explosive and corrosive gas


      Operation and maintenance:

      -          The product is cascaded between protected equipment and signal lead-in; the signal lead-in is connected with “IN” part, and the protected equipment is connected with “OUT” part.

      -          The wiring foot position of the product port: refer to instruction book

      -          The protector should have favorable earth system. The ground resistance is less than 10 Ohm; the water pipe, gas pipe, and drain pipe cannot be replaced ground connector.

      -          The ground lead is no less than 2.55mm2, the distance between ground lead and iso-electric body is no more than 500 mm.

      Product Photo