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      Welcome to China Weifang Mingzhu Electronics Co., ltd.!

      Surge Protective Devices - 80KA

      Production Description
       Production Description
       Series MZU Power Lightning-Protection Box is designed on the basis of IEC, GB, and GA international, domestic and related industrial standard. It is suitable for TN-S, TN-C, TN-C-S, TT, and IT low-voltage power supply system that the voltage power is no more than 50/60HZ、380V. The box will provide inhibitory protection for instantaneous high current and high voltage because of lightning stroke and surge overvoltage.


      Application and range of application:

      -          Application: Series MZU Power Lightning-Protection Box is suitable for low-voltage power supply system that the voltage power is no more than 50/60HZ、380V. Choose proper lightning-protection box based on lightning-protection zone (LPZ0-LPZ3) and lightning-protection level (B, C, D).

      -          Range of application: it is usually installed in switching room in company, distribution box on the floor, computer center, telecom computer room, elevator control cabinet, cable television room, monitoring center, fire control center, frequency conversion equipment control, gas station, operating room in hospital, intensive care unit in hospital, lighting distribution box in the building, dispersing type villa distribution box and so on.


      Installation, operation and maintenance:

      -          Installation standard: the protector applies standard 35mm pathway installation

      -          Connection wire: the protector applies 2.5 – 35mm copper connection wire; the length of sire is no longer than 500mm.The power grid cannot be normally operated when the SPD lose efficacy. In order to solve the problem, the protector, which connect phase line, should tandem connect a 10-63A fuse.

      -          Ground connection: the protector should have favorable earth system. The ground resistance is less than four Ohm; the ground lead should apply copper conductor above 4mm2. The water pipe, gas pipe, and drain pipe cannot be replaced ground connector.

      -          Maintenance: When the box is installed, it is no need to adjust and it directly protects the power grid. When the box is in operation, the module should be periodically inspected. The module displays green which indicates normal, and the module displays red which indicates lose efficacy. At the meantime, check the indicator of fuse whether or not it works so as to change disabled parts.


      Operating Conditions:

      -          Height above sea level: no higher than 2,000 meters

      -          Environmental temperature: -40-+80

      -          Relative humidity: 90%40±2

      -          Environmental condition: indoor and outdoor, no inflammable, explosive and corrosive gas 

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