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      Welcome to China Weifang Mingzhu Electronics Co., ltd.!

      Series RCY Pot Liquid Conduit Permanent-magnetic Iron Separator


      Basic Technical Parameters

      Series RCY Pot Liquid Conduit Permanent-magnetic Iron Separator is used to eliminate the tramp iron from the liquid or slurry. The magnetic source is made up from the NdFeB (neodymium iron boron) with high performance; the magnetic intensity is above 12000GS. The magnetic bar is installed in the stainless-steel sleeve; the sleeve can separate slurry materials and magnetic bar. When the slurry materials pass through the magnetic area, the iron tramp will be absorbed on the surface of sleeve. When the separator close down, the magnetic bar is pulled out through sleeve, and iron tramp will drop to the bottom of separator. The closing the material valve, opening the pollution discharging valve on the bottom and opening the washing value to wash the pot inside, the waste water contains iron tramp can be ejected. The separator can eliminate 95 percent iron tramp in the materials; it is mainly used in bio-pharmaceuticals, and paper-making etc.

      Order requirements:

      Please provide the production capacity, type of pipeline, internal pressure of pipeline, conveying materials.