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      Welcome to China Weifang Mingzhu Electronics Co., ltd.!

      Series RCY semi-automatic Chute Permanent Magnetic Iron Separator

       Basic Technical Features:

      Series RCY semi-automatic Chute Permanent Magnetic Iron Separator applies the NdFeB (neodymium iron boron) with high performance as magnetic sources; the magnetic area distributes the relative side of chute. The feeding input has adjusted material distribution plate in order to adjust the distance between high-intensity magnetic field and materials. The magnetic area is located on the slide way; the magnet can be pulled out manually so as to eliminate the iron tramp thorough. It greatly increases the efficiency of examination and decreases the outage factor. It is mainly used in papermaking, food, camel, chemical materials, grain and other industries.

      Order Requirement:

      Please provide the size of chute flange, production capacity, type of conveying materials, and pipeline internal pressure.