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      Welcome to China Weifang Mingzhu Electronics Co., ltd.!

      Series RCY-ZX Self-cleaning Conduit Permanent Magnetic Separator

       Structural Features

      Series RCY-ZX Self-cleaning Conduit Permanent Magnetic Separator is made up with pipeline, actuating device, and magnet running gear.  The actuating device is installed on the pipeline wall, and it drives magnet running gear through chain wheel and chain.  The permanent magnet discharges the ferromagnetic materials from the whole materials in the pipeline.      Operating Principle: The separator connects the running pipeline which has dip angle of 45-75 degree. When the material flows through the separator, the ferromagnetic material is absorbed on stainless steel wall and will be separated with the magnet movement. In the output, the ferromagnetic material will be eliminated based on gravity because of magnetic force loss.



      -          The unique design for magnetic circuit and the magnetic source is made up from the NdFeB (neodymium iron boron) with high performance. It has high efficient and long service life.

      -          Cycloidal-pin wheel gear motor guarantees long-term stable running. The transmission applies precise roller chain which features with small volume, light weight, and stable running.

      -          The equipment is rationally design and convenient installed; the separator connects the running pipeline to use.

      -          Continuously and automatically

      -          It is suitable for sealing transport system

      -          The pipeline wall applies special wear-resistant material

      Range of application:

      -          Series RCY-ZX Self-cleaning Conduit Permanent Magnetic Separator is widely used in cement, electronic power, ceramics, tile, chemical, food, glass, metallurgy and steel and other industries.

      Product Photo