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      Welcome to China Weifang Mingzhu Electronics Co., ltd.!

      Series RCYK Armouring Permanent Magnet Separator

       Application and features

      This iron separator is especially for metallurgy, iron recovery factories and casting workshop and many other relevant production factories

      -          With unique armoring design, in order to escape the sharp impurity do damage to the belt.

      -          High magnetic intensity and gradient, strong suction

      -          Lower energy consumption and reliable performance, no need electro-magnetism

      -          The unique design for magnetic circuit and the magnetic source is made up from the NdFeB (neodymium iron boron) with high performance

      -          Self-cleaning, easy maintenance, the wholly sealed bearing base make it can be used in the harsh environment without any malfunction.

      -          We have different model, and special design for anti-explosion.

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