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      Welcome to China Weifang Mingzhu Electronics Co., ltd.!

      Series RCYB Suspension Permanent Magnetic Iron Separators

       Series RCYB Suspension Permanent Magnetic Iron Separators employs the NdFeB magnet featuring with high residual magnet to compose the complicate magnetic system, it has characteristics with maintenance-free, simple installation, convenient and reliable operation, and it used to eliminate the waste iron from nonmagnetic material. It can associate with the belt conveyor, vibrating conveyor and electro-magnetic vibrating feeding machine. It is used to eliminate the ferromagnetic material weighing from 0.1kg to 35kg, and the magnetic system working life is above 10 years.  All of the technical parameters meet the requirement of JB/T8711-1998 Standard.  Wipe off the ferromagnetic material by manual with glove or non-magnetic scraper as the attracted irons are too much. It can work continuously in the low iron-containing field.