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      Welcome to China Weifang Mingzhu Electronics Co., ltd.!

      Series XGP Constant Speed Belt Scale


        Structural Features

         Series XGP Constant Speed Belt Scale is our new type belt scale which is based on various constant and adjusted speed scales; and the scale’s design is suitable for the situation of China. The technical function is much better than other belt scale based on several customers’ practice. The scale has several advantages: high measuring accuracy, reliable revolves, less maintenance charge, simple operation, small installation space; also, it is not strictly for environmental condition. It solves problems about low measuring accuracy, serious zero drift, and so on.  It is widely used in construction material, chemical, mining and other industries. Furthermore, the bulk and massive materials will be less than 30 mm; the moisture content cannot above the standard that the materials cannot stick the belt; the temperature is less than 120.

      Series XGP Constant Speed Belt Scale --- Main features:

      1.      Mating with Series BWY cyclical-pin wheel gearing motor; it has features with low noise, low vibration, anti-dust, long-term service life and high reliability etc.

      2.      Unique suspending weigh type, which has features with high measuring accuracy, simple structure, high performance, and reliable and table operation.

      3.      The scale frame is made of cold-bend C Type steel plate, which has advantages of novelty structure, strong intensity, is suitable for various kind of design of non-standard scale frame.

      4.      The scale has annular endless belt, and there are three structures can be chosen based on technological design: flat belt, baffle structure, and skirt belt structure.

      5.      The suspending belt scale has three suspending and high precision tension sensor as counting mechanism; the feeding type apply electro-magnetic vibrating or feeding belt scale.