So you're about to start applying for theatre programs...

#College #applications. It's a daunting task for any #student, but what about those who have to add numerous #auditions their plate? It can feel like a mountain just too difficult to climb. Take a breathe and take it one day at a time. #Acting programs are tough. #MusicalTheatre programs can be even more tough. The competition is fierce and the process is expensive. So what should you do?

Stay Calm and Start slow.

Here are some recommendations from #TheAcademyofActingandMusicalTheatre. We have helped countless students get into college and get huge #scholarships!

Remember, there is no one way to do it. Everyone has their own journey and what someone else is doing, may not work for you and that is okay!

First, find some multi-college audition opportunities. Here is #Texas we have so many ways to get in front of numerous colleges at once.

Here are a few...


at Collin College. It is good for both #technical #theatre and #acting programs both #BA and #BFA. It is probably not your best option if are wanting to pursue #musical #theatre at a top #college or #university.


Theatre programs from all over the nation come to Texas to recruit and Texas Thespians is one of their major stops. You do not have to be a #Thespian member to participate but you must attend with a school. Spots are usually limited so be sure to get your name in early. If your school doesn't have a Thespian troupe, talk to the theatre teacher and see if they can help.

Out of state opportunities are the #UnifiedAuditions which take place in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles in January/February every year.

The North Texas and Thespian Auditions will help you narrow down your search. Keep your mind open. Don't get settled on one school. They may not be looking for your type this year and then where are you? Create a list for yourself:

-Schools I want the most

-Schools I like but not my top choice


Remember, North Texas and Thespian auditions can serve as your pre-screens. They cost around $30-$40 each and you can see close to 100 schools. Don't feel like you need to pay to send in a #prescreen to every school. It is expensive. Ask if they can waive the fee. Also, your callbacks there will give you incredible interviewing practice!

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Bailey James works with AAMT coach Jenny Bishop on her college audition material.

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