There are so many schools. Which one do I choose?

Choosing your #college can be so stressful. So how do you narrow it down? Everyone says to make a list, right? But how do I make a list if I don't know what I want? You must first decide what is important to you in the college experience. There are a lot of things to consider.

School/class size


Greek Life

#BA vs. #BFA --what is the difference?!

Will you major or minor?

What other opportunities do they provide?

Do they have a masters program?

Where is the alumni now?

Acceptance rates

Grade/test score minimum requirements

and the biggest question of all...

How much does it cost?

Ask yourself if you want a big college, football game, greek life kind of experience. If you do, that eliminates a lot of schools from your list. You will want to focus on larger universities that offer your selected major. If you really want to pursue #StageManagement or #MusicalTheatre, you'll want to focus on schools that will allow you to specialize.

BA/BFA--this is the question we get most often. What the heck is the difference. A BA is going to be a more general, overall degree that will cover all your bases, both acting and technical theatre. Many people who wish to pursue a masters or go into #education often obtain a #BA so they are more well-rounded. Some universities offer BFAs in Theatre which are similar to a BA if you are set on the #BFA but want to teach.

Check to see if there are professional opportunities nearby where you can get your career started while still in school. For example, many students at Southern Methodist University work with Dallas Theatre Center, which is an award-winning regional theatre.

Your most important resource is going to be the alumni. Were they happy with their experience? What are they doing now? Are they working in their field? With the access to the internet and social media it should be easy to track them down. You can also ask the school for references.

Which tests do they want? You may not need to worry about both ACT and SAT. You can probably just focus on one of them. But keep in mind they look at an overall picture. Class rank/GPA/test scores all play a part.

Now to the money. An in state public university is probably going to be the cheapest price tag up front. However, there are other options. If you are set on the big school experience, one thing to keep in mind whether or not those big #universities are out of state. If they are, it is going to be very expensive and they cannot offer as much financial assistance as a private college so you are going to need massive savings. Many of our students ended up at out of state private colleges because they got a much larger financial package. So even though the state university costs less to begin with, it would have cost them more after the financial reward.

If you don't care about the big college experience, there are a ton of great smaller colleges that might be your perfect fit.

And after all those questions are answered, read the 4 responses below. They made their decisions based on the professors. You need to remember that the professors are the ones who will most influence your next 4 years. Do you feel comfortable putting yourself in their hands? Do you connect with them? Are they going to teach you in the way you need to learn?

My biggest suggestion is to narrow down your list and then hit the big mass college auditions and see how they feel about you. Don't waste time and money pursuing a school that isn't interested. A lot of what they are looking for comes down to casting. If they already have 4 brunette mezzo-belters then chances are they are not looking for another.

In the end, remember EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS NEGOTIABLE. Never pay full price! It is a long process but you can do this! Listen to your gut and know you will end up where you're supposed to be.

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